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Bible Vocab Word Search

Savion Brown 5-9-17 class/period 7
the exellencies or perfections of God
take great joy or pleasure in something
someone who pretends to be one thing but is really another
a new christian
a person who learns from and imitates Jesus Christ
someone who stands in the place of another
process of growing as a Christian
a change into something different
to protect and preserve
giving a testimony to the gospel of Jesus Christ by sharing what Christ has done on the cross and in ones life
something other than God that you depend on to help make life work
a strong desire
a pledge that someone gives that he will do what he says
an allurement to do evil;a testbed your love and loyalty to God
the great message that God has provided a Redeemer in His Son Jesus Christ
to declare the perfections and value of God
to continue something until it is accomplished
enjoyment of the relationship you have God and other believers
yielding to God as your authority
love and tender care