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The Gilded Age Vocabulary

Violent, state condoned mob attcks on Jews and their properties.
An imperial US customary unit of weight or mass based upon an earlier measure of dry capacity.
Prohibited the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages.
The achievement of economic, social, political. and religious equality of women with men.
The merging of companies at the same stage of production in the same or different industries.
Idea that government should play as small of a role in economic affairs.
Granted women the right to vote.
A short-lived railroad trust formed in 1901 that was believed to cross the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.
Organized persecutions or massacres on a specific group of people.
An agrarian-based political movement aimed at improving conditions for the country's farmers and agrarian workers.
Nominating election held to choose who will run in the general election.
An intense fear of communism and other politically radical ideas.
Two Senators from each state shall be elected by the people serving a term of six years.
An 1890 law that banned the formation of trusts and monopolies in the US
Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes.
The president,s annual statement to the Congress and the nation.
The combination of all phases of manufacturing, from mining to marketing, into one organization.