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Bible word search

Liquid Measure-6 Hins or 5.61 gal.-Appendix B14A
6th King of Southern 2-Tribe kingdom-Appendix A6-A
Liner Measure-10.2 ft Appendix B14-A
Who wrote Judges-Index/Table of Bks
Who wrote 6 bks of the bible-Index/Table of Bks
How many bks did Paul write-Index/Table of Bks
Where was Mathew-Tables of Bks
Who reign only 6 months on the Northern side-Appendix A6-B
Which sea was Jesus on when he calmed the storm-Appendix A7-D
Which King reign for 28ys on the Northern side-Appendix A6-A
what is the 11th thing found in the temple diagram-Appendix B5
60 Minas-Appendix B14-B