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History of OGOT

The first Senior Minister.
The month in which OGOT was chartered.
OGOT started in the city of _______.
The current Senior Minister of OGOT.
The Board organized a _______ campaign to raise money for the purchase of our current location.
In 1997, the first JCTS Master _______ graduation was held.
The first JCTS class was held in a _______ room.
One of the more recent licensed teachers is _________ Mann-Leonard.
OGOT was started by a ____ group of people.
OGOT is now located on _____ Road.
The first Associate Minister was ____ Donaldson.
The number of people who formed the core group.
Some members were inducted as ______ Founding Core Members.
The UFBL is an _____ organization.
The first member of the founding core group to become a licensed teacher.
OGOT takes a _____ interpretation of the Bible.
One of the people who developed the OGOT logo is _____ Brown.
OGOT is a ___ Thought Christian Church.
The first class taught was "You Too Can Be ________."
One item in the OGOT logo is a _____.
The first OGOT Board President.
_____ people attended the first JCTS class.
One of the first licensed teachers was Emma _____.
In 1997, service was held at a site that once was part of the ______ Railroad.
The founding core group met ____ to pray and study.