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Light In Astronomy

Type of spectral line: light energy is removed
Study of locating objects in space
Atomic number six. Common in organic molecules
Abbreviation. Type of camera many modern telescopes use
A type of pulsating star
Concise way of saying 'What things are made of'
Light phenomenon where light is spread out as it interacts with edges of an instrument.
His effect makes sirens sound funny
Type of spectral line: light is added
Telescope used to make the first image of a black hole
How often a cycle repeats.
Famous space-based telescope.
_____ in Astronomy
Quantity that a scientist can easily determine with available instruments
Method of astrometry based on geometry.
Quantity scientists attempt to learn by measuring other quantities
Radio Ranging
Another word for the quality of the atmosphere specific to astronomers trying to look through it!
Field of study focused on spectra
Commonly calculated as distance divided-by time
Average energy a group of particles shares.
Radiation given off by objects only because they have a temperature
Method of finding exoplanets. When planet passes in front of star
A big group of radio dishes that act as one radio telescope
The distance between two successive peaks or troughs in a wave.