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Hint 'ums vol. 11- On the Farm

Howdy, y'all! Here on the farm, we have a darn tootin' time!
You'll be riding a horse in no time!
Just kidding, them babie's stalls need a good mucking.
Of course, you'll be rewarded with the best lemonade, a hearty home-cooked meal, and peach pie after all the hard work
A "tower" used to store grain. They are very common to see in the countryside and usually stand tall by barns
beautiful manes and adorable whinnies
where the hay is stored and, stometimes, where the stables are. It's basically THE farm structure
Acres and acres of land, lots of roping cattle, and a beautifully hand-crafted, ginormous estate
pulling up to grandma and grandpa's _____ _____ we wonder how we fit in our small home back in the suburbs
perfect place for rocking chairs and evening tea sipping
a beverage made by steeping leaves and berries, and is sweetened with sugar or honey
all along country roads, you can see these gals grazing
to live in the country and run a farm, you've gotta know how to mend a _____ ______
once the asphalt runs out, you're at the mercy of the dusty ____ _____
generates electricity when the wind picks up
small bodies of water which branch off of rivers that you can walk across easily, but are often too shallow to wade in. A little smaller than a stream
You can most often find a flock of ducks to feed at these bodies of water. Not a lake, but a _____
The earth gently slopes and rises with green ______ _____
______ of daisies; of wild flowers; of grass
is for horses
country folk and maintenance workers choose this as their transportation of choice, because it can carry quite a load
the ones you eat with your steak and potatoes for dinner, and don't have the seeds inside
once the crops are ripe, it's time to _______! There are festivals special for this season. It occurs for common staple crops in the fall
A common staple crop commonly harvested in the late months of the year. Their stalks are sold by the bundle and it's fruit is sold by the ear!
a plump, bright red berry harvested in the spring and summer months
hottest days of the year
when everything starts to bloom again
gonna catch a trout, or maybe a catfish. Unless you prefer salmon?