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hint 'ums vol. 12- craft supplies

"I am absolutely fine with my house being colored the odd brown of every color of the rainbow mixed...."
a tool for cutting. Don't run with them upwards or open!
great for drawing on, printing on, or doodles and scribbles
used to adhere one piece to another
when you rip it, use some of this to mend it
it's rubber. Get an ink pad, pick your favorite design, and have at it!
they come on sheets and they're the most fun to peel and place everywhere!
lace used to embellish a scrapbook or tie a bow!
sparkly and sticks everywhere for weeks. Good luck sweeping it up! Your next homebuyer will still find it in the crevices of the wood floor!
in pens and stamp pads
get non-permanent/washable ones if you've got littles
colored wax drawing sticks
super fun to make natural imprints with these by placing them under paper and drawing over them. Can be found in your backyard. Easiest to collect in autumn.
stones and pebbles
you COULD use the colorfully stained ones from your ice pops, or you could go to the store and buy them in packages.
if you don't feel confident in your freehand, use a guide or a picture and ______ it
Square, circle, triangle, star...
puffy shapes and stickers are made of this material
soft, course; canvas, silk; denim, cotton; loose-thread, tight-thread... there's so many options with this medium
leftovers; bits and pieces