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hint 'ums vol. 14- Baking

A cookie sounds pretty good right about now, doesn't it?
makes the dough rise
sweetening granules
keeps it cakey, but too much makes it dry
a refreshing beverage which comes in many varieties: almond, cow, soy, etc.
a chicken by-product
it precipitates, it crashes on beaches, it comes out your sink faucet; two hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule bonded together
the unleavened way of rising bread
it is a natural flavor acquired from an exotic bean pod. Its extract is sweet, but high in alcohol content
not technically fruits, but they're sweet like them and do have the seeds in the "fruit"
made by churning milk
it gives a pop to nearly every dish. You find it very often on pretzels.
they come in hard shells, but are often de-shelled before being packaged and sold.
made by crushing and blending fruits into a saucy consistency. It is then packaged in airtight jars.