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Hint 'ums vol. 19- Gardening

The nurturing of flora: the most beautiful and delicate and strong of non-conscious, living things.
this nourishes the plants--it is what the roots seek out.
this provides vitamins and other supplements for the plant, it also keeps it cozy and snug so that the roots can keep it steady.
cotyledons and shell; what a new plant sprouts from.
use these to trim plants and prune them.
so your hands don't get dirty, if you've got a pie to bake later, or a steak to grill :)
it's easier to tote several pots of plants by just pulling them along in a _____
these help you keep track of which plant is which kind
this keeps all the squirrels and rabbits and other seeking noses from snacking on your produce
Plants enjoy being __ ___ ___ where they can feel the warmth and get their energy
the process of turning sunlight into energy
a helpful metal tool with a long (often wooden) handle to break through soil and dig
This tool is great for breaking up the soil and aerating
This work requires a lot of ____ing.
introducing air to the soil so it is not too compact for garden growth
this mixture of minerals and healthy bacteria and nitrogen encourages healthy plant growth
produce grown without any pesticides