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hint 'ums vol. 20- Winding Down and Cozying Up

Evening down time is really important. Here's some things to help unwind.
wrap it around yourself (or you and someone else) to keep you warm. They also are great for keeping laps and feet warm.
put on some logs, get a spark, and gently blow.
to prop you up, give support to your back, or lay your head on.
your other half; your lover; your person, etc.
warm or iced herbal drink.
a favorite of caffeine connoisseurs.
warm chocolatey beverage.
to keep your feet warm.
this stuffed animal was nicknamed after the 26th President of the United States.
cozy nighttime clothes.
if you need a little melody, but on a music _____-___.
all the busy noises have faded away. ...Do you hear that? Nothing.
no disturbances or stress; just _____ and calm.