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Election Day Word Search Puzzles

In the U.S., Election Day is always the “Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November.” Between details of what to expect at polling places, voter eligibility rules, how mail-in ballots are counted, and how the Electoral College works, students can get confused and overwhelmed by the details and terminology of national elections. These free word searches about Election Day can help introduce and reinforce Election Day vocabulary and history in a fun, relaxing way. Each Election Day puzzle can be solved online or printed as printable PDF that you could use in the classroom to supplement a unit on elections, democracy, civics, or even just for fun.  

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Print Free Election Day Word Searches

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Election Word Search (No ratings)
election (No ratings)
President Words (No ratings)
Want to Be President (No ratings)
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President's Day (No ratings)
2016 election night (No ratings)
President's Day (No ratings)
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Presidential (No ratings)
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KARA 4 PRESIDENT (No ratings)
My fair President (No ratings)
PRESIDENT'S DAY (No ratings)
PRESIDENT'S DAY (No ratings)
Universal Will & Election of Grace (No ratings)
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President's Day (No ratings)
President's Day (No ratings)
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President's Day at NTB (No ratings)
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Election Day! (No ratings)
president word search (No ratings)
Happy President's Day! (No ratings)
The President (No ratings)

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