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1B Long Vowels (3 ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jun 28 - Jul 4 ) (2 ratings)
Reading Mastery/First Grade (1 rating)
R-controlled Vowels "AR" (1 rating)
Syllable Reading 15-1 through 15-6 (No ratings)
Reading a Map (No ratings)
Happy Short Vowel "e" & "i" (No ratings)
Consonant Digraphs-CH, SH, TH, WH (No ratings)
Reading review (No ratings)
Spring 2020 Reading 142 Vocab list 1 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( May 9 - 15 ) (No ratings)
consonant suffixes and plurals (No ratings)
Reading Sight Words: Zulu 2 (No ratings)
Two-Letter Words That Begin With Vowels (No ratings)
Bo - initial consonant blends (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jan 17 - 23 ) (No ratings)
Nov. Week 5 reading 2 (No ratings)
Unit 26- consonant suffixes (A) (No ratings)
Week 12 - R Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
September 1st reading 1 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( August 23-29 ) (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jan 10 - 16 ) (No ratings)
Reading is LIFE! (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Sep 27 - Oct 3 ) (No ratings)
Sort #36 - Silent beginning consonant (No ratings)
Consonant Blends (No ratings)
October Week 1 reading 1 (No ratings)
Long Vowels (No ratings)
March 6th reading 1 (No ratings)
Words with endings which sound like /shuhl/ after a consonant spelt -tial - Answers (No ratings)
Writing and Reading (No ratings)
reading words language book (No ratings)
short vowel "a" (No ratings)
LNA Sort #48 Short Vowel o Compared to or (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Feb 28 - Mar 6 ) (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Nov Week 4 reading 1 (No ratings)
September Week 4 Reading 2 (No ratings)
Consonant Blends (No ratings)
Second Reading Group (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( March 7 - 13 ) (No ratings)
Consonants Digraphs: ch, ph, sh, th, wh (Lesson 5) (No ratings)
2nd Grade Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Reading Mastery (No ratings)
Double Vowel Syllables (No ratings)
Level 3: S9 Reading & Writing (No ratings)
Reading Sight Words: Monty 2 (No ratings)
More Vowel + /r/ Sounds (No ratings)
WTW Unit 1 vowel 'e' (No ratings)
Connect Reading and Writing (No ratings)
spelling vowel changes (No ratings)
The split vowel digraphs a-e and e-e - Answers (No ratings)
Reading Tic-Tac-Toe (No ratings)
LNA Sort #41 Short Vowels with Digraphs (No ratings)
Second Reading (First John 2:1-5a) (No ratings)
Unpredictable Vowels: oy, oi (U5W2) (No ratings)
Lesson 4 (Long vowels o, u) (No ratings)
long and short vowels (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Plot Crossword- Intensive Reading (No ratings)
Double consonants - Answers (No ratings)
Adding –ing, –ed, –er, –est and –y to words of one syllable ending in a single consonant letter after a single vowel letter - Answers (No ratings)
Double Consonants (No ratings)
r-controlled vowels by Samuel Narvaez (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Reading Mastery/ 1st grade (No ratings)
Unpredictable Vowels oo:oo, ou (No ratings)
Reading Takes You Everywhere (No ratings)
Math Reading Comprehension Review (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( April 4 - 10 ) (No ratings)
Vowel Sounds /ou/ and /o/ (No ratings)
Bossy "R" or "R" Controlled Vowel (No ratings)
long Vowel Patterns (oa) (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( August 9-15 ) (No ratings)
English I Reading Selection Vocabulary (No ratings)
Short Vowels a & i & e (No ratings)
Vowels Digraph /oo/, oo (No ratings)
Unit 2 Module A consonant blend words (No ratings)
r - Controlled Vowels er, ir, ur (No ratings)
Long Vowels (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Nov 15 -21 ) (No ratings)
Ms. Song's Reading Word Search (No ratings)
Close Reading (No ratings)
Reading Review (No ratings)
week 35 shared reading (No ratings)
Reading L7-14 (No ratings)
Reading Rookie 1 (1~2) (No ratings)
Short a/o vowel CVC words (No ratings)
Short Vowels with TH and WH (No ratings)
Reading Word Search (No ratings)
Reflections on the Reading: Hebrews 1 (No ratings)
Consonant Digraphs - CH, SH, TH, WH (No ratings)
Reading 7 - A4 (No ratings)
Unit 18 Long Vowel, and Double o/ow Spellings (No ratings)
Repeated Reading: Damage (No ratings)
Long Vowels (No ratings)
August 4th reading 2 (No ratings)
March 3rd Reading 2 Word Search (No ratings)
Vowel Team Syllables (No ratings)
Short vowel sounds (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Feb 7 - 13 ) (No ratings)
2019 Reading Games Word Find (No ratings)
Double Consonants (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Repeated Reading: Journey (No ratings)
Unit 33- Consonant Suffixes (B) (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( June 13 - 19 ) (No ratings)
initial consonant blends/short vowels: pl, pr, sl, tr, scr, str, spl, spr (No ratings)
Short Vowel Spelling Words (No ratings)
final consonant blend: st, sp, sk, ng, nt, nk, ng (No ratings)
vowel concerns: I (No ratings)
"R" controlled vowels (No ratings)
Reading and Lanaguage Unit 3 (No ratings)
Second Reading Group (No ratings)
Reading Literature - B8 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( March 14 - 20 ) (No ratings)
Adding suffixes beginning with a vowel to words of more than one syllable - Answers (No ratings)
Sort 8: Short and Long Vowels (No ratings)
Second Reading (Ephesians 2:4-10) (No ratings)
Blue 36 Silent Beginning Consonant (No ratings)
Double Consonant Word Find (No ratings)
Unit 35- silent consonants in the Pairs wr-, -mb, & kn- (No ratings)
Reading Terms, Part 15 (No ratings)
Vowel Diphthongs: oi, oy, ou, ow (Lesson 8) (No ratings)
More Long e Vowel Sound Spelling Word Search (No ratings)
CONSONANT-LE (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( June 20 - 26 ) (No ratings)
Vowel + /r/ Sound (No ratings)
Reading Street Unit 1 Week 4 (No ratings)
Sort 6: Short and long vowel A (No ratings)
Consonants:Double or Single (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Oct 18 - 24 ) (No ratings)
Reading Word Search (No ratings)
short vowel word search (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( July 12-18 ) (No ratings)
Reading (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Long vowel e/EE words (No ratings)
Reading Rally (No ratings)
Reading words 2 (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Consonant Digraphs /sh/ (No ratings)
Vowel Sounds /u/, /yoo/, and /oo/ (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Sep 13 - 19 ) (No ratings)
Summer Reading (No ratings)
Unit 18 More Variant Vowels (No ratings)
May week 5 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Silent and Sounded Consonants (No ratings)
Reading Street Unit 1 Wk 2 Spelling (No ratings)
Building Good Reading Habits (No ratings)
nov w1 reading 2 (No ratings)
Lesson 4 Guided Reading (No ratings)
Jan week 4 reading 2 (No ratings)
r-controlled vowels (No ratings)
Vowel R (No ratings)
Vowel - Consonant-e (No ratings)
Long and Short Vowels (No ratings)
Spelling Vowel Digraphs au and aw (No ratings)
June 23rd reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Reading Terms And Strategies (No ratings)
AU words (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( August 16-22 ) (No ratings)
Divide between the same consonants (No ratings)
Lesson 3: Vowel Variants and Diphthongs (No ratings)
Short vowel sounds (No ratings)
Common Long a Vowel Patterns (No ratings)
Green - 44 - Short vowel/final blends (No ratings)
Syllable Reading 12-9 & 12-10 (No ratings)
Mrs. Gleysteen's Reading Group :) (No ratings)
Doubling Consonants (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Aug 30 - Sep 5 ) (No ratings)
Reading Skills Word Search (No ratings)
Oct week 2 reading 1 (No ratings)
Varient Vowels (No ratings)
Vowel-r syllable pattern (No ratings)
Reading Rookie 1 (3~4) (No ratings)
Watsons Pre-Reading List (No ratings)
Vowels (No ratings)
New consonant spellings ph and wh - Answers (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
R- Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
Long Vowel (No ratings)
Second Reading (First John 3:18-24) (No ratings)
To kill a Mockingbird Reading Words (No ratings)
Long O Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
Map Reading (No ratings)
We love reading! (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Long I Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
First Reading (Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48) (No ratings)
38 WHAT ARE YOU READING? (No ratings)
Buster loves reading! (No ratings)
Reading is FUNdamental! (No ratings)
Reading 127 Vocabulary (No ratings)
long vowel (No ratings)
The vowel digraph er - Answers (No ratings)
Oct W4 page 6 second reading (No ratings)
Reading in the community (No ratings)
Vowel Patterns -ee, ou, or (No ratings)
Orange 24 - Long vowel patterns (No ratings)
30 words Bricks Reading 200-2 (No ratings)
December Week 4 Reading 2 (No ratings)
Long Vowels (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Mar 28 - Apr 3 ) (No ratings)
Short Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
The vowel digraph ir and ur - Answers (No ratings)
Long a Vowel Patterns (No ratings)
Summer Reading Word Search (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( April 25 - May 1 ) (No ratings)
Week 2 Reading Review 5th (No ratings)
Long Vowel a (No ratings)
Reading Test Key Words (No ratings)
Vowel sounds /ou/, /o/, and /oi/ (No ratings)
Reading Class Week 1 (No ratings)
Reading Mastery (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Tackan's Reading Road Trip (No ratings)
Short vowels words #2 (No ratings)
Vowel - Consonant-e (No ratings)
Improving Oral Reading Fluency (No ratings)
Spelling List - Vowel Diphthongs (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Books for Summer Reading (No ratings)
R-Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
Reading and Halloween Words! (No ratings)
Reading Vocab U2 W2 Word Search (No ratings)
Required Reading (No ratings)
consonant blends (No ratings)
Vowel Sound (No ratings)
double consonants (No ratings)
vowel + r spelling words (No ratings)
Vowels: r-Controlled (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( June 21-27 ) (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Dec 20 - 26 ) (No ratings)
Long vowels (No ratings)
VOWEL PAIRS (No ratings)
Reading Mastery/First Grade (No ratings)
r-controlled vowels (No ratings)
Reading Partners (No ratings)
April 7th Reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Varied Vowel Names 11-9-20 M (No ratings)
Cl intial Consonant Blend (No ratings)
double consonants (No ratings)
adding a vowel suffix (No ratings)
4th Grade Reading Sight Words (No ratings)
Mr. Ramirez-Reading Intervention Word Search/Spelling Test (No ratings)
final consonant blends: mp, lt, ld, lf, pt (No ratings)
Vowel suffixes in words ending in Y (No ratings)
Long and Short vowels, Consonant Blends (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( June 7-13 ) (No ratings)
Reading Mastery (No ratings)
short vowel spelling (No ratings)
Reading Words (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Sep 6 - 12 ) (No ratings)
Sort 25 Review of Long-Vowel Patterns (No ratings)
My Reading Tree! (No ratings)
Short vowels with final digraphs (No ratings)
Vowel Alternation (No ratings)
The split vowel digraphs i-e & o-e - Answers (No ratings)
Reading! (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( July 19-25 ) (No ratings)
Short Vowels with S Blends (No ratings)
Short Vowels with Digraphs SH and CH (No ratings)
Vowel Plus -R (No ratings)
Label Reading (No ratings)
Short Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
2nd Grade Spelling R-Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
Lesson 11 "oi" vowel sound (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Big Bushy Mustache Spelling Word Search The Vowel Sound in Cow (No ratings)
The vowel digraph ar - Answers (No ratings)
Consonant Blend (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Feb 14 - 20 ) (No ratings)
Short Vowels: a,e,i (No ratings)
Short Vowel Pattern VCCV (No ratings)
Jan week 2 reading 1 (No ratings)
Short Vowel Spelling (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Nov 8 - 14 ) (No ratings)
unit 36- Syllables, Suffixes, Unusual Plurals, and Silent Consonants (No ratings)
Reading Practice 1 (No ratings)
Short Vowel Review Week Spelling (No ratings)
initial consonant blends/short vowels: sp, st, sw, sn, sm, sc, sk, tr, tw (No ratings)
Reading Intervention (No ratings)
Sort 7: Silent Consonants (No ratings)
Double Consonants (Lesson 6) (No ratings)
The digraph ea both sounds - Answers (No ratings)
vowel suffixes (No ratings)
June 30th reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Vowel Teams: ai and ay (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary Unit 3 Craft and Structure of Informational Texts (No ratings)
May week 4 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Vowel sound in Ball (No ratings)
First Reading (Jeremiah 31:31-34) (No ratings)
long vowel review (No ratings)
Reading Class Vocabulary (No ratings)
Double Consonants before Suffixes (No ratings)
Dec week 1 reading 2 (No ratings)
Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest (Vowels with r) (No ratings)
Vowel Combinations ou, ow (No ratings)
Unit 24 Review, oi, au, long vowels, and closed & open syllables (No ratings)
Consonant Blends with S (No ratings)
Buddy Reading (No ratings)
Reading 142 Vocabulary 1-5 (No ratings)
Books and Reading (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jan 3 - 9 ) (No ratings)
Lesson 6: Consonant Plus -le (No ratings)
Oct. 13th week 2 reading 2 (No ratings)
Vowel Concerns: O (No ratings)
List #8 Controlled vowel combinations (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jul 26 - Aug 1 ) (No ratings)
Second Reading (First Corinthians 1:22-25) (No ratings)
Sort 9: Short, Long and Schwa Vowels (No ratings)
consonant LE (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Oct 4 - 10 ) (No ratings)
r - Controlled Vowel ar (No ratings)
r-controlled vowels (er, ir, ur) (No ratings)
Oral Reading Fluency Word Search (No ratings)
Sort D: Double Consonant Endings (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( June 14-20 ) (No ratings)
Gospel Reading (Mark 3:20-35) (No ratings)
Long And Short Vowels - Unit 1A (No ratings)
Abstract Vowels (No ratings)
Consonants /j/, /ks/, and /kw/ (No ratings)
Reading for Meaning 1 (No ratings)
Perhaps I was being picky, but I really didnt think being able to spell orgasm without being spotted a vowel was asking too much. - Summer Daniels (No ratings)
Reading 2: 2 COR 8:7, 9, 13-15 (No ratings)
Unpredictable Vowels: ou, ow (cow) U5W3 (No ratings)
Vowel Dipthongs- OW and OU (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( April 18 - 24 ) (No ratings)
Sort 5: Consonant digraphs ch, sh, wh, th (No ratings)
Reading Class (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Long Vowels: a, e, i (Lesson 3) (No ratings)
short vowel words (No ratings)
R-Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
Variant Vowel - My Brothers' Flying Machine (No ratings)
vowel digraphs (No ratings)
vowel combinations (No ratings)
Lesson 7 (double consonants and ck) (No ratings)
Reading Review (No ratings)
Reading FSA (No ratings)
Reading! (No ratings)
July week 4 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Consonant Clusters (No ratings)
WTW Unit 1 vowel 'o' (No ratings)
Reading Group 1 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( July 5-11 ) (No ratings)
Short Vowels a, e, i (Lesson 1) (No ratings)
More fun than reading ads....Enjoy (No ratings)
R-Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
week 14 shared reading (No ratings)
Dropping Silent "e" before vowel suffixes (No ratings)
Syllable Reading 12-3 & 12-4 (No ratings)
Sunny's double consonants before adding an ending (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( May 16 - 22 ) (No ratings)
Long Vowel Words (No ratings)
Initial-Consonant Digraph: s, h, sh (No ratings)
Reading (No ratings)
unit 27- vowel suffixes (A) (No ratings)
Short Vowels U, A, & I (No ratings)
Word List r-controlled vowels (No ratings)
R-Controlled Vowels (No ratings)
Jan week 3 reading 2 (No ratings)
Double consonant - Answers (No ratings)
Dec week 3 reading 2 (No ratings)
Reading Mastery (No ratings)
4th Reading Sight Words (No ratings)
Unit 2C Long Vowels (No ratings)
Reflections on the Reading: 2 Peter 3:8-15a (No ratings)
Unit 4, Module A Vowel Digraphs: oo, ew, ue, ui (No ratings)
Unit 1 Short Vowels (No ratings)
Contractions and Consonant Suffixes (No ratings)
Guided Reading Week 4 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Dec 6 - 12 ) (No ratings)
WTW Unit 1 vowel 'i' (No ratings)
July 7th reading 1 word search (No ratings)
Reading language Arts (No ratings)
April week 5 reading 1 (No ratings)
Controlled Vowel (-ar) (No ratings)
U5W4; r-controlled vowel Syllables (No ratings)
r-Controlled Vowels: ar, er, ir, or, ur (Lesson 9) (No ratings)
Long E and U Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
Long Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
Lesson 2: Long Vowels and Digraphs (No ratings)
Hooray For Reading Day! by Margery Cuyler (No ratings)
May week 3 reading 1 word search (No ratings)
The BiblioLifestyle 2021 Summer Reading Guide Books (No ratings)
Unit 15 Variant Vowels (No ratings)
Syllable Reading 12-11 & 12-12 (No ratings)
Short Vowel Words (No ratings)
Short Vowels: o, u (Lesson 2) (No ratings)
Sort #24 Long Vowel Review (No ratings)
Repeated Reading: Community (No ratings)
Aug 11th reading 2 (No ratings)
The vowel digraph or - Answers (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Spelling List #7/Reading Drill Words (No ratings)
long vowel vcv (No ratings)
Sort 6: r-influenced vowel patterns ar, er, or (No ratings)
Pumpkin Words (onset + vowel) (No ratings)
spelling skill y as a vowel (No ratings)
Reading 142 lists 1-8 (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary L10-16 (No ratings)
Bad Gospel Reading (No ratings)
Reading Words 1-72 (No ratings)
R controled vowel teams (No ratings)
ck words/ck always comes after a vowel (No ratings)
Long Vowel I words (No ratings)
Chapter 6: Reading to Learn (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jan 31 - Feb 6 ) (No ratings)
READING#1 (No ratings)
Silent Consonants (No ratings)
vowel sounds /oo/, /yoo/ (No ratings)
consonant clusters medium (No ratings)
unit 30- prefixes, suffixes, r-controlled vowels, and consonant-le syllables (No ratings)
Review of Long Vowel Patterns (No ratings)
Second Reading (1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13) (No ratings)
Double Consonants (No ratings)
December week 7 reading 2 (No ratings)
Spelling Word Search: r-Controlled Vowels Spelled ar (No ratings)
First Reading (Acts 10:34a, 37-43) (No ratings)
Walking Talking Vowels Word Find (No ratings)
Words I learnt from reading Hagurosan (No ratings)
Vowel + /r/ Sounds (No ratings)
Double consonant adding '-ed' word find (No ratings)
Split Digraph i-e with a short and long vowel sound (Year 1 revision) - Answers (No ratings)
Silent Consonants and Homophones (No ratings)
variant vowel /~0/ (No ratings)
short and long vowels (No ratings)
July week 3 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Reading Mastery (No ratings)
LONG VOWEL O (No ratings)
March 31st Reading 2 (No ratings)
READING A MAP (No ratings)
Consonant Ending & Vowel Suffix (No ratings)
Repeated Reading: Improve (No ratings)
The vowel digraph ou - Answers (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Oct 11 - 17 ) (No ratings)
r-controlled vowel syllables (No ratings)
The Vowel Men at the End (No ratings)
"r" controlled vowels ar,or,oar,ore (No ratings)
Reading (No ratings)
Hyphens: To join a prefix ending in a vowel to a word beginning with a vowel - Answers (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
Spelling- r-controlled vowels UNIT 7 (No ratings)
Week 2.4 Short vowel sounds (No ratings)
Affixes with Vowel Alternations (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Feb 21 - 27 ) (No ratings)
Reading I (No ratings)
Long A Vowel Sounds (No ratings)
U3W1 Controlled R Vowels (No ratings)
Long Vowels (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( August 2-8 ) (No ratings)
Reading Practice 83 (No ratings)
Long Vowels: o, u (Lesson 4) (No ratings)
Reading week 1 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Dec 13 - 19 ) (No ratings)
Challenge- R controlled vowels (No ratings)
Long "a" or "e" vowel sounds (No ratings)
Sort N: Words with Magic ‘e’ or Two Consonants; Adding Suffixes (No ratings)
LNA Sort #37 initial short vowels (No ratings)
HMH - Into Reading: Module 1, Week 1 (No ratings)
r-Controlled vowels (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( May 2 - 8 ) (No ratings)
Consonant + LE & AL & EL (No ratings)
Vowel Patterns (No ratings)
Spelling Word Search for Long e Vowel Sound (No ratings)
Unit 31- multisyllabic words with vowel-team syllables (No ratings)
Consonant Pairs mb, wr, kn, gn (No ratings)
Adding the endings – ing, –ed, –er, –est and –y to words ending in –e with a consonant before it - Answers (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Oct 25 - 31 ) (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
short vowels e, i, u (No ratings)
Long Vowel Spelling Words (No ratings)
Informational Text-Writing and Reading (No ratings)
VC-silent e / Consonant-le (No ratings)
Vowel Patterns in One-Syllable Words (No ratings)
Double Consonants (No ratings)
SYLLABLE READING 13-1 through 13-4 (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary: Unit 1 and Unit 2 (No ratings)
short vowel sounds (No ratings)
Spelling - r controlled vowels (No ratings)
Reading Rocks (No ratings)
READING (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( March 21 - 27 ) (No ratings)
week 13 shared reading (No ratings)
Spelling Words Vowel Pairs ai, ee, ea (No ratings)
Vowel Pairs oa, ow (No ratings)
Repeated Reading: Enormous (No ratings)
Consonant Suffixes (No ratings)
Vowel Digraph/Spelling Patterns oo, ou, ew (No ratings)
March 10th reading 1 word search (No ratings)
Words with Double Consonants (No ratings)
silent e, double the consonant, drop the y (No ratings)
READING PUZZLE 1 (No ratings)
Reading Composition: Chapter 15 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( May 31 - Jun 6 ) (No ratings)
Reading Across America March 2, 2020 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Nov 29 - Dec 5 ) (No ratings)
Initial Consonants (No ratings)
Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words ending in -fer - Answers (No ratings)
Reading 7 - A3 (No ratings)
Third Reading Group (No ratings)
Long and Short vowel words (No ratings)
VOWEL SOUNDS FOR "A" (No ratings)
Triple Consonant Blends (No ratings)
review io au long vowels unit 24 (No ratings)
Barton 4.14 (Vowel Teams in the Middle) (No ratings)
Find the Vowels!!! (No ratings)
Moose! The Reading Dog (No ratings)
Words with endings which sound like /shuhl/ after a vowel spelt -cial - Answers (No ratings)
short vowels (No ratings)
Vowel + /r/ Sounds (No ratings)
r-controlled vowels er (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Dec 27 - Jan 2 ) (No ratings)
La gallinita roja 2nd reading (No ratings)
Short Vowels-Diagraphs-Wk.1 (No ratings)
Reading Sight Words : Zulu 1 (No ratings)
Short-vowel words (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( May 30 - June 5 ) (No ratings)
Short and Long Vowel oo Spelling Words (No ratings)
r-Controlled Vowels Lesson 9 (No ratings)
Unit 29- consonant-le syllables (No ratings)
Short Vowel Patterns (No ratings)
Vowels Concerns: Using O (No ratings)
STAAR Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
May week 2 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Reading (No ratings)
Words with long vowel sounds (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary L27-30 (No ratings)
Close Reading: Reader Response Modes (No ratings)
Long Vowel Patterns in Accented Syllables (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( June 6 - 12 ) (No ratings)
Unit 32- vowel suffixes (B) (No ratings)
The vowel digraph oo - Answers (No ratings)
Reading Sight Words : Ally 1 (No ratings)
initial consonant blends/short vowels: bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr (No ratings)
All About Reading Level 2 (No ratings)
WTW Unit 1 vowel 'a' (No ratings)
Long Vowel Words (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( May 23 - 29 ) (No ratings)
Complex consonants easy (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Sep 20 - 26 ) (No ratings)
Consonant Suffixes (No ratings)
Unit 28- Multisyllabic words with r-controlled Vowels (No ratings)
September week 3 reading 2 (No ratings)
Reading Vocabulary (No ratings)
Reading Sight Words: Ally 2 (No ratings)
Friday Reading Rescue Game Day #3 (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Nov 22 - 28 ) (No ratings)
Short vowels e o u unit 1 w2 (No ratings)
Lyndon B. Johnson High School - 4 weeks of Reading I (No ratings)
Short Vowel Blends Review (No ratings)
What Are You Reading This Year? (No ratings)
reading catch 2 (No ratings)
Short Vowels (No ratings)
VOWEL DOUBLE UP! (No ratings)
May week 1 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Oct 20th week 3 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
WML 2019 Adult Winter Reading Challenge (No ratings)
April Week 6 Reading 1 word search (No ratings)
WTW Unit 1 vowel 'u' (No ratings)
Unit 17 Vowel Teams oa and oe (No ratings)
Reading God's Word (No ratings)
Reading SC 1 (No ratings)
The vowel digraph ie both sounds - Answers (No ratings)
The vowel digraph ea and trigraph ear - Answers (No ratings)
Reading Sight Words : Monty 1 (No ratings)
R Controlled Vowels #2 (No ratings)
August 4th week 1 reading 2 word search (No ratings)
Consonants: single or double (No ratings)
Lesson 12 "oy" Vowel Sound (No ratings)
Double Consonants (No ratings)
Consonant Alternation (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Nov 1 - 7 ) (No ratings)
Bible Reading ( Jan 24 - 30 ) (No ratings)

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