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DISCLAIMER: All Art (General) Activities below were created by users of My Word Search. These puzzles are not curated for relevance or accuracy, so we strongly suggest you verify a puzzle meets your standards before using it in a class.

A Mix of Colors and Cultures (1 rating)
50 COLORS (1 rating)
French Colors (1 rating)
Colors by Lauren W(No ratings)
Art(No ratings)
Latin American Art/Artists(No ratings)
French Colors (Les Couleurs)(No ratings)
Equine Colors Word Search(No ratings)
Art and its History(No ratings)
Elementary Art(No ratings)
Extreme Art Word Search (No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
colors(No ratings)
Japanese Colors-Iro(No ratings)
Pop Art(No ratings)
Art Class(No ratings)
Kindergarten Sight Words - Colors and Numbers(No ratings)
Color Word Search(No ratings)
color correction & toning(No ratings)
COLOR NAMES (No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
The Color Wheel Chapter 3(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Color Theory(No ratings)
Colors/Colores(No ratings)
Spanish Numbers/Colors(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Beautiful Colors(No ratings)
ART *(No ratings)
colors(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Color Wheel(No ratings)
Elements of Art and Design(No ratings)
ART(No ratings)
Light and Color(No ratings)
Winning Colors(No ratings)
COLORS!(No ratings)
Greek Art Fall 2018 Word Search(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Days of the week & Colors(No ratings)
Color Team 2017 Word Search(No ratings)
Op Art(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Art is Fun!!(No ratings)
Color Wheel Words (No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
The Color Purple(No ratings)
Elements and Principles of Art(No ratings)
Color Guard Word Search(No ratings)
Color Wars: GREEN TEAM(No ratings)
ART(No ratings)
colors(No ratings)
Art(No ratings)
Intermediate Color Spirit Stick(No ratings)
Elements of Art(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Colors!(No ratings)
Art Terms Review(No ratings)
Hair Color(No ratings)
Clothing and Colors(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Types of Art(No ratings)
Parts of the face and Colors(No ratings)
COLOR(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Color and Color Schemes(No ratings)
Western and Non-western Art(No ratings)
Color Words(No ratings)
color wheel(No ratings)
Colors + Numbers(No ratings)
Elements of Art and Principles of Design(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
WORD SEARCH - ART(No ratings)
Addi - Colors/Shapes(No ratings)
110 color(No ratings)
Shapes, Colors & Months(No ratings)
4 OUR COLORS(No ratings)
Art History - Movements in Art(No ratings)
Art(No ratings)
One Art, by Elizabeth Bishop(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
colors(No ratings)
colors (No ratings)
Got To Have Art!(No ratings)
What Is Color?(No ratings)
Op-Art(No ratings)
Colors/Colores(No ratings)
5th Grade Art Vocabulary(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Colors (No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
colors (No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Elements of Art, Unit 1 (No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Art from Greece(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Name:__________________ Color Words(No ratings)
ART(No ratings)
object of art(No ratings)
Art(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Clothing, Colors, & Physical Appearance(No ratings)
ART(No ratings)
Washington State Art Museum(No ratings)
Art in Motion (No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Art Crossword(No ratings)
Campbell Cougars 5th Grade Color Run(No ratings)
COLORS!(No ratings)
Art Tools(No ratings)
Elements of Art(No ratings)
Art Exhibit(No ratings)
Art terms review(No ratings)
50 Color Words(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)
Elements of Art(No ratings)
Art Terms(No ratings)
Hard Hat Colors(No ratings)
visual art word search final(No ratings)
Color(No ratings)
Claflin University 1st Annual Freshman Art Word Search(No ratings)
colors(No ratings)
Crayon Colors(No ratings)
Chapter 21 COLOR(No ratings)
Spanish Colors(No ratings)
art studio by mia(No ratings)
K-2 Art Word Search #1(No ratings)
Color My World(No ratings)
Art word find(No ratings)
Chalk Art Fourth Grade(No ratings)
Color Theory(No ratings)
Hair Color: Chapter 13(No ratings)
Israelite Colors(No ratings)
Pre-Historic Art Words(No ratings)
Art Vocabulary Review(No ratings)
How Great Thou Art(No ratings)
Colors/Colours(No ratings)
COLORS(No ratings)
colors(No ratings)
Art 1 Vocabulary(No ratings)
Shapes and Colors(No ratings)
Italian Art and Artist (No ratings)
the color purple(No ratings)
Snowman Color Search(No ratings)
Art(No ratings)
Abstract Art(No ratings)
Color Us...(No ratings)
National Color & Nuts Day(No ratings)
Color Sheet Words Gr.1/2(No ratings)
Colors(No ratings)

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