Embed a Puzzle in Your Site

How It Looks:
How It Works:

My Word Search uses javascript to include the word search in your page.

The embed code looks like this:
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://MyWordSearch.com/embedjs.php?puzzle_id=12345"></script>

To include the puzzle in your site:

  1. Paste the line of code into your site's code
  2. Replace the "12345" in the line of code with the ID for your puzzle.
What is the ID for my puzzle?
When you publish a puzzle on My Word Search, it always gets a permanent link like "https://MyWordSearch.com/12345", which you should see when you navigate to your puzzle on My Word Search, and which is also in the email you receive when you publish your puzzle. Replace the "12345" with the number for your puzzle.
What if I use a framework like Wordpress?
All frameworks have their own way of including embed code. The most reliable way is to add the line of code in the html and publish it without switching to preview mode.
What should I use for the width and height?
In general, a more spacious puzzle makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for your solvers. Ideally you will be able to show the entire puzzle without scrolling. If you are cramped for space, a minimum width of 490px is required for puzzles to display properly in all browsers.
This method doesn't look like the method I've used before. Do I need to change my how my old puzzles are embedded?
No, your old embeds will work fine.  We designed our new embed method to give you more flexibility with your layout: puzzles now expand when a visitor starts solving them, so you don't need to allocate as much space in your layout.  We've also made embedded puzzles mobile-friendly.